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Enable-IT, Inc. Enable-IT, Inc. Enable-IT, Inc. Enable-IT, Inc. Enable-IT, Inc.
  • PoE Extender

    Ethernet Extenders

    As the seminal creator of this industry we handcraft the Highest throughput Ethernet extenders on the planet!
    Designed and Made in the USA with Pride. 

    Professional Grade LAN Extenders
    (Ruggedized, long range, highest-throughput, and customizable). They are more secure than any wireless technology and can deliver power over Ethernet where fiber can't. You can trust the value of your company's LAN traffic on our Professional Grade Ethernet Extenders vs cheap so called "Chinese" Business Grade knockoff imitators that can contain insidious spyware.

    Ethernet Extension

  • PoE Extender

    PoE Extenders

    Enable-IT is the inventor of PoE Extenders (Extended Ethernet and PoE combined).

    Our products have revolutionized several industries by enabling the installation of PoE devices where they need to not where they are limited to. Our PoE Technology supports IEEE PoE (48v), PoE+ (56V) and LTPoE++ (90v).

    Professional Grade PoE Extenders
    The only solution for installing long distance Remote PoE devices like  High End PTZ IP Cameras. Drive Ethernet with PoE+ up to 3,500ft (1,067m) over  any copper or coaxial cable.

    Ethernet Extension

  • Ethernet Extender kit

    OEM Custom Solutions

    Enable-IT Ethernet Extension Experts has over 30 plus years of broad experience as a USA manufacturer of custom high quality and innovative LAN connectivity products. Our comprehensive expertise and experience is suited to build custom OEM solutions for a wide range of demanding customers.

    Our unsurpassed combination of American engineering, decades of experience, highly flexible capacity, and U.S.-based process control makes us the best value in the business…and the only OEM Ethernet Extension solution provider you’ll ever need.

    Ethernet Extension