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Airbnb Guest Cabin Offers DSL Service

The Challenge…

When family and friends come to the Airbnb guest cabin, Brian Jones wanted them to enjoy all the conveniences they could, even on the 53-acre North Carolina property. However, part of the convenience was offering them high-speed Internet service.

Upon deciding he’d connect the cabin, Jones came across the realization that it wasn’t going to be an easy job. There’s no way to run a cable using the existing service to connect the main house to the guest cabin. The problem was where the cabin was located – it was 850 feet away on the side of a mountain. This type of distance would cause a breakdown in data. And, getting an extra DSL service meant a addition to his monthly expenses… something he wanted to avoid.

This is when Jones discovered Ethernet Extenders!

Jones used Google to find the best possible extenders available, making the decision to use Enable-IT’s 860. He said his decision to use it was based on customer testimonials, the extensive product line and Enable-IT’s warranty. He said Enable-IT came across as a solid company, and the scales were tipped further in the company’s direction upon the realization that all their products were made in the U.S., not some country far away.

Why Was The Enable-IT 860 The Right Choice For Brian Jones?

Jones was able to easily install the 860 Ethernet Extender, using the standard telephone cable, he just took two unused wires in the cable and combined them to the demarcation wiring in the home. This wiring was then plugged into a special RJ-45 Jack, establishing a connection with the telephone cable that ran to the cabin. He was able to develop another similar connection with the 860 unit located in the cabin.

A router was located in both places, and the whole process took two hours.

Since that time, the system has worked without problems. Cabin guests have complete access to DSL services, meaning they don’t have to drudge up and down the mountain to check their email or read Internet news. This is great for anyone who hates the idea of walking 850 feet in bad weather.

Due to the high-speed accuracy from the 860, Jones was able to monitor the cabin from his home in Florida. The 860 transfers data up to 100Mbps, which means the unit offers real-time data should a wireless security camera be set up. Jones did this, and combined the camera to a router plugged into 860 unit. Thanks to the unit, there was a level of comfort that had never been experienced.

Jones said since the installation in 2010, the 860 has met and exceeded his expectations. He said he was ecstatic by the performance of the unit as well as its price. He said eliminating the need for an extra DSL service saved him a lot of money in the long run. Jones said in 10 months, it’ll pay for itself.

What Are The Main Benefits

• Saves Time – Cabin guests will get instant access to the Internet, reduces their need to walk to and from the main house to check email or other web information.
• Boost Security – It betters the operations of the cabin’s security camera by way of streaming data quickly and effectively.
• Reasonable Costs – The unit will use the existing DSL service in guest cabins, reducing the need to buy extra services.

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