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By February 6, 2010News
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The Challenge…

American Alarm Company came up against a problem with its Ethernet distance limit of 328 feet when the company tried to use Axis’ high-def PTZ Security Cameras more than 500 feet away from any of the data or power source.

There were three things complicating matters:

• Axis PTZ camera worked only by using Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• Power must use the same Ethernet cable as the camera’s data
• Minor technical hurdle that demanded a customized solution

The company had no time or tolerance to handle the civic hassles that came with fiber installation, especially when fiber couldn’t use the same line to power things. American Alarm Company was in need of an Ethernet extending product that could offer in-line power and a company that had tech support to assist them with a custom configuration to meet the budget and deadline.

This is where Enable-IT came in!

Enable-IT provided its American-made products to the company, helped them with the set-up within their budget and timeframe.

How Enable-IT Helped American Alarm Co.

Right off the bat, Enable-IT suggested the company use its Enable-IT 865 PTZ, which would ensure Ethernet power and data would be driven over PoE using just one cable to a distance of more than a mile. Better than cheaply-made extenders, this product needs no bridge to go the extra distance, which is why it’s so ideal for cases where installers have no time, access to infrastructure or power outlets or a budget to purchase and install several Outreach units.

This is American Alarm Co.’s situation.

Doing a bit of research, the company learned that its Axis PTZ camera needed some custom requirements, immediately calling the tech support and getting immediate help from the English-speaking customer service. The company was then provided a tailored Enable-IT 865 kit to use.

Upon getting it, they were able to hook the Axis PTZ cameras with more than 500 feet of Ethernet cable. An immediate boost in signal with a ton of power was seen and experienced. Since it was so successful and in their budget, without hesitation, American Alarm Co. added it to its security integrator toolbox.

American Alarm Co. is just one of many companies that use Enable-IT’s products and their success is nothing short of success for them and others. Enable-IT is committed to helping clients install, better and customize the Ethernet extension kits for no additional monies. Best of all, the company’s best Ethernet extenders come with a four-year warranty whereas the competition only offers a one-year warranty.

Don’t you deserve a product that’s made in America by American engineers and offers a great warranty when you may need it?

What Are The Main Benefits?

• It Can Overcome Distance Limits – The Ethernet Extender Kits and the Enable-IT’s 865PTZ PoE allowed the company to get pass the distance limitation problem they had with its more than 500 feet plug and play device.
• It Powered The Axis PTZ Security Camera – Thanks to the 865PTZ with PoE, it was able to use just one cable to power send information long distance to the industry’s best PTZ camera.
• Best Tech Support Available –When American Alarm needed a customized solution to address its problem quickly and effectively, Enable-IT had an expert support team and on-staff engineers that developed the solution within the company’s deadline and for no additional charge.
• Thousands Of Dollars In Savings – With Enable-IT’s Ethernet Extenders, American Alarm saved themselves thousands of dollars in product and time compared to using fibers and extra power for every location.

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