How Princess Cruises Are Using Ethernet Technology To Better The Experience

Princess Cruises Utilizing Ethernet Extension Technology to Increase Customer Experience

When people go on cruises, they still want to use their technology devices, Princess Cruises knows this. Therefore, they’ve invested in long range, energy-efficient Ethernet services for the entire ship. It uses the existing copper infrastructure seen with telephone wiring throughout the ship.

What Are The Primary Benefits?

• It helps to conserve electricity with its lower power solutions.
• It uses existing telephone cabling and rapid deployment, which means it doesn’t cost much to install.
• It allows for long-range placement of IP cameras to ensure better security throughout the ship.

A Safer Environment

IP cameras can be used in areas that were once unable to monitored or unreachable through coax or Ethernet wiring.

What Solutions Have Been Implemented?

• Enable-IT 860 PRO Ethernet Extender Kit
• Enable-IT 865 PoE+ & 100Mbps FD Throughput

What Are Offered With The Solutions?

• 100Mbps Complete Duplex Ethernet Extenders
• Ruggedized and Professional Business Grade
• Expands up to 6,000 feet from the main source
• Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
• Free ground shipping, fixed rate shipping for other expedited options
• Optional four-year, next business day innovative replacement
• 45-day reimbursement assurance program

Enable-IT Princess Cruises