Enable-IT Designs Weatherproof Gigabit Ethernet And PoE Extenders

Enable-IT is ecstatic to be an industry leader with its newly designed, multi-port Weatherproof Gigabit Ethernet Extenders and PoE Extenders. They’re sure to stay there.

The recently-manufactured weatherproof Gigabit models have a limited lifetime warranty that goes beyond any other warranty including its own four-year warranty.

Enable-IT used its trademarked design and worldwide-renowned, ruggedized-styling to craft the latest product.

Most companies who invest in the product use it with the Enable-IT 860W PRO Weatherproof Outdoor IP67 Rated Gigabit Ethernet Extender kit. With this type of power, the reach extends to 4,100 feet, which is 12 times farther than what you’d see and get with the IEEE 802.3 specs for Ethernet LAN. The Outdoor IP67 cases can be found on both ends, and offers a high power Gigabit 56V – 61W PoE injector and needs just one power source.

The 828WP three-port IP67 Rated Weatherproof Gigabit PoE Extender kit is the total solution that leads to incremental Gigabit Ethernet of up to 800 feet and positioned up to three 828W units, extending to 2,000 feet. Both the four-pair and two-pair PoE output is typical in supporting powerful PoE devices.

When it comes to protecting your PoE devices, the professional-designed and approved outdoor solution can be what you need – wherever you need them to go. You certainly don’t want to be limited to the IEEE Ethernet distance limitations.

Enable-IT 820WP Kit Weatherproof