ABB Deploys Enable-IT EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions Worldwide

The Challenge with EV-Charging Infrastructure…

For the past several years, the standards in EV-charging infrastructure has seen some majority development. In fact, with more and more people using electric vehicles for their “to and from” needs, more charging stations have been installed to convenient these drivers.

The problem with EV charging infrastructure is how much recharging it takes for an electric vehicle, especially when it’s compared to filing up a vehicle with gas. The delay to charge a vehicle means bigger facilities to park these vehicles that need a charge. In order to handle these needs, the facilities will easily surpass the data distance limits of a secure hardline Ethernet cable.

Wireless (or WiFi) solutions cannot be used with these installations due to their lack of security and vulnerability, which can lead to hacking of credit card transactions and EV vehicle parts. Wireless is not a worthwhile option for above ground or underground parking structures where you’d typically see these charging stations.


The signals don’t travel well and the cost to develop a reliable infrastructure would be extremely expensive. Plus, there’s the issue of physical security for Wi-Fi equipment.

Coming Up With A Solution

Enable-IT has developed an EV-Charging infrastructure solution that dramatically increases the distances of the charging station pumps. In the past, the charging pumps had to be within 328 feet of the Ethernet infrastructure in order for communication to commence at the pumps. However, with the Enable-IT technology, this has increased to 3,500 feet. Another Enable-IT option increases it to 6,000 feet.

There are number of EV Charging station manufacturers that have teamed up with Enable-IT, Inc. to create an integrated OEM PoE and Extender Ethernet hardline solution so that they can have a competitive advantage over their competition.

The placement of EV charging infrastructure has grown significantly in the last several years, and are located in more places than gas stations.

Enable-IT’s Extended Ethernet solutions have been the forefront leader in this growth.

ABB Electric Vehicle Charging
ABB Electric Vehicle Charging
Enable-IT Full Gigabit PoE Extender
Enable-IT Full Gigabit PoE Extender