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Enable-IT-gm Crash Test
GM Crash Test Dummies Are Improved With the Use of Ethernet Extenders

When science assists the needs of the world, people take many things for granted – food, music, mail and phones. The technology people have become accustomed to today used to be just mere science fiction 30 years ago.

However, there are all kinds of non-tangible technology that you’ve taken advantage of – so sophisticated that it’s practically transparent. These are devices that make sure that the products you do use on a regular basis are safe.

For instance, GM has begun using the Ethernet Extenders from Enable-IT to combat the challenges that come with harnessing the important information that real-time sensors can offer in order to manufacture better, safer products. These are products that people take for granted but still rely on to keep them safe.

Since 1922, the motor vehicle fatality rate has decreased by nearly 90 percent… that’s even with the millions of cars and trucks on the road. And, it’s because manufacturers are looking for ways to increase the safety level through their engineering and design. Anybody who’s been through a major accident and walked away can thank Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders and GM’s engineered crash test dummy.

What Are The Primary Benefits

• New data sensors would send real-time information through a flexible tether line
• Low power but solid state helped to meet constant extreme crash shock tests
• Fixed problems researchers had about getting more accurate information results

Improvement Of Performance and Information Quality

Before they used the Ethernet Extension solution from Enable-IT, GM’s safety and design engineers had to use more mechanical sensors to attain crash test results, which were typically static and not when the crashes took place. Enable-IT’s kits dramatically changed crash results, recording them as they happened – in real time.

They added thousands of feet to the standard CAT5e wiring to their existing car tethers and installed the 895 LRE kit to both ends. This allowed engineers to use their network smart sensors and other advanced equipment inside the crash cars to get more precise data. They also placed smaller sensors in locations that were unable to be used by the other mechanical sensors.

The information the sensors relayed back assisted engineers and designers to carry out important modifications to vehicle designs to ensure riders’ safety.

Decrease Costs For The Expendable Equipment

A primary benefit to GM using the Ethernet technology is its real-time information capture because it replaces the overly-large expendable mechanical sensors that were costly to replace. Instead, they were able to use mini-sized smart micro digital sensors that could survive a test crash and, if they needed replacement, it’s cheaper. Best of all, more than one or two could be bought and used to capture the necessary information.

Enormous savings were seen with the removal of old equipment in lieu of smaller, more accurate data-capturing equipment that could survive a crash test.

Coming Up With A Worthwhile High-Resolution Extended LAN Answer

In time, it’s possible on-screen computer dummies are going to be replaced by virtual humans – with all the important organs in the body. However, that’s not likely to happen in the distant future. Thus, crash test dummies are still going to give GM researchers and similar folks the insight they need to develop safer automobiles. And, Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders will be there to provide them with the real-time information they need to ensure the development of safer vehicles.

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