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Enable-IT Halyps concrete business

One of the oldest businesses in the world are rock quarries, but will only automate when business demands it. The equipment and operations of rock quarries of moving material out is done at a rather slow pace, and the tool visibility is either restricted or non-existent.

However, the time-tested technique to manually inspect or intervene has slowly changed to become an automated process, thanks to the use of Ethernet Extension equipment. Today, with the Ethernet Extenders technology from Enable-IT, operators can freely place remote sensing and conveyor system control gear on a smarty LAN that’s located in stringent atmospheric conditions.

How Halyps Cement Company Is Using Enable-IT’s Ethernet Extenders For Its Business

Greece-based Halyps Cement Co, one of Greece’s largest businesses, has been able to use the Ethernet Extenders technology from Enable-IT, giving them some new visibility and control over the production operations. Extender kits were designed to handle the rough terrain, enclosed in a NEMA/IP-rated box for primary production control areas. It includes category-rated cabling that could reach the LAN based monitoring and control interfaces.

Before using this equipment, this possibility wasn’t even a thought. People would have to physically visit the location to manually control the conveyor systems. By using the Ethernet Extenders, the automated systems ensures workers are safe, allows for better monitoring of the live production line and enables operations to meet the ever-growing business demand without a huge rise in labor costs.

What Are The Primary Benefits of The Ethernet Extender?

• Production conveyor systems have immediate control and visibility.
• Decreases the number of accidents, manual labor and damage to equipment.
• Been able to do charitable donations.

A Look At The Decrease In Costs For Equipment and Manual Labor

Thanks to the LAN-based digital control equipment, more accurate handling for real-time production operations are supervised, controlled and quickly amplified. In the past, there was no chance for this production control level without the assistance of manual operators at both controls. This also caused delays in doing modifications in a dangerous environment that included a foundry floor.

With Enable-IT Ethernet Extension equipment, the process has become automated so that worker safety is no longer compromised and the LAN equipment deals with the adjustments, which were once tiring and cumbersome. Production at the plant has tripled, and the plant growth has been able to meet the increasing output demands.

Boosting The Production Output As Well As Charitable Donations

Both Halyps and Italcementi Group have given back to the community, funding various artistic performances. In 2008, Halyps participated in the effort to reconstruct in areas that were ravaged by fire. They continue the effort with the offering of 3,500 tons of cement to residences and infrastructure projects in those areas.

The company joined Greece’s business community through the SEV-approved information and coordination office (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises), working with the Emergency Aid Fund that was set up for this reason.

By using the Ethernet Extension equipment, Halyps got a new way on how it could use technology to spiral the age-old quarry business into the new century.

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