Protect Your LAN And Networking Equipment With Enable-IT Lightning Protection Kit

Enable-IT Offers Lightning Protection for Your LAN & Networking Equipment

The sad truth of the matter is that LAN devices and all kinds of networking equipment use exposed, outdoor cabling environments that may be damaged from high-voltage spikes and surges like close-by lightning strikes.

Of course, there are other reasons for these surges and spikes to occur such as:

• Direct contact with lighting/power circuits
• Buildup of static on various cables and parts
• High-energy transients combined with equipment from nearby cables
• People who’ve built-up a large static electrical charge on their clothes

This is why Enable-IT has designed the 265LP LIGHTNING PROTECTION product – it provides protection from high-voltage surges like lightning.

Why The 265LP?

It is THE solution for your LAN Protection needs. The 265LP Gigabit PoE Ethernet Lightning Protection offers several compact weather resistant units to protect both PoE and Ethernet information applications. In order for the lines to be protected, each unit needs to be attached at each end nearest to the LAN gear.

These units are completely compatible to the industry standard 10/100/1000 Base T-Ethernet networks and PoE devices, ensuring protection for PoE DC power feed and Ethernet data pairs.

The 265LP LP Kit has one port access along with a lockable hinged cover that doesn’t close when the wires are terminated. On the backside are mounting holes, and a terminal and ground lug is offered to ensure greater grounding.

Visit our Knowledgebase FAQ webpage for further information on the protection that you need from adverse weather situations and electrical spikes coming in and blowing out your vital LAN devices or equipment. Have a peace of mind knowing you can secure your equipment with Enable-IT’s High-Quality, Professional Grade, Made in the USA Products.

ENABLE-IT 265LP Lightning Protection Kit