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By June 9, 2009News

Louisiana State Penitentiary is the U.S.’ biggest maximum security prison, with more than 18,000 square acres. Its IT staff looks to modernize its network in this massive campus, but it still runs into the problem of the distance limit – a mere 328 feet.

For many years now, the prison has crossed bridge over bridge to deal with the issue, but with more applications being added on and some major saturation, the prison administrators have yet to come up with a viable solution. Their primary solution to this problem is running short.

But, after a bit of research, the prison’s IT Support Staff came across Enable-IT’s Ethernet Extenders. They learned about the cost and the time they’d save by using them to get past their current limitations, using the already established copper wiring. They felt it best to use Enable-IT to solve their crisis.

Upon getting the 860 Ethernet Extender Kit, the prison’s IT support team were happy that Enable-IT sent them exactly what was being advertised. They had to overcome the first challenge of combining two high-throughput networks together more than 1,000 feet away.

They had a number of problems:

• Wireless wouldn’t work because of the obvious insecurities
• Fiber is extremely expensive as well as instructive

All they had was the existing telephone wiring conduit and a lot of CAT-5e to do a run.

The four-port Enable-IT 860 Kit allowed one network to be plugged into another network without any headaches regarding money or time. How come? The 100Mbps Enable-IT 860 Ethernet Extender has a reach of more than one mile in a single pair of wire – no bridges in between. Since it’s plug and play, it takes minutes to set it all up.

The IT support staff for the prison was able to use all the existing conduit and wiring to hook up the Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders, saving the state a lot of money for installation, trenching and planning. The proven technique works to connect a large area easily, without much effort and not a lot of cost. The IT staff knows that every new project that needs Ethernet at a distance will involve Enable-IT products.

According to the Penitentiary IT Support Supervisor, the Ethernet Extenders are easy to use and wonderful. The staff has managed to install them with distance that range from 700 feet to more than 1,000 feet. This is a huge feat for a maximum security prison that involves four small prisons. The team will always use the Ethernet Extenders from Enable-IT for all its needs.

What Were The Primary Benefits

• Overcame Major Distances – The Ethernet Extenders (860 Kit) allowed the on-site IT team to increase the network in the 18,000 square feet prison campus.
• Saved Time – Due to the plug and play nature of Ethernet Extenders, it was deployed quickly and easily.
• Security – It provided a more powerful network security with the implementation of a solution that sent information through the underground wiring instead of through wireless means.
• Reasonably Priced and Safe – It saved the state thousands of dollars in installation by using the already established lines.

The Right Choice For The State’s Penitentiary

The state of Louisiana has saved itself a ton of money in both administration and infrastructure by using locally-supported, made in the U.S. Ethernet Extenders from Enable-IT. It solved the Ethernet distance problem and provided them with a four-year warranty on the U.S. made Ethernet Extenders.

We strongly feel that our customers deserve the best American-made products over the cheaper alternatives that come with foreign made devices that have just a 90-day warranty. When customers educate themselves about the pros and cons, they can make the best choice for their company or organization.

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