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One of the most challenging atmospheres for equipment is the steel foundry industry. After all, they’re subjected to micro pollutants, extreme heat and distances to reach control and monitoring equipment that have been widely spread out along a large production line that includes an array of unsafe and, potentially, fatal hazards.

Strong Structural Steel Ltd checked out and used the Ethernet Extenders from Enable-IT to address the company’s concerns about the challenges. They used ruggedized extender kits that were encased in NEMA/IP-rated enclosures in the main production control locations as well as the production floor where it was necessary to have malleable category-rated wiring to get to the LAN-constructed monitoring and control interfaces.

Before the installation of this equipment, people would have to check each location out and manually work the area to attain the information they needed to have. However, with the Ethernet Extenders, workers are safe, there’s better monitoring of the production line and the operation is growing to meet the demands of the business without a significant rise in their labor costs.

What Are The Primary Benefits

• Huge decrease in the amount of workplace accidents and dangerous conditions
Creative custom answers to address the most extreme challenges
• Smart LAN gear that uses Extended Ethernet for real-time production control
• Triple increase in plant growth and production

Performance Improvement For the Steel Factory Floor

By using the LAN-based digital control equipment, it allowed for more accuracy in dealing with live production operations. Therefore, better and quicker monitoring, controlling and augmentation was established. Before there was no way this production control level could be attained without the assistance of manual operators at each control making the necessary modifications, which took longer and was more dangerous because of the foundry floor.

With the Enable-IT equipment, everything became automated so there was no compromise on workers’ safety and there were no mistakes or repetition with the LAN equipment. It allowed for the triple growth in production levels and it could easily handle the demands from output changes.

Decrease In Production Downtime

Maintenance on equipment on the foundry production floor was necessary to ensure constant uptime. The production has thousands of mechanical parts that constantly need monitoring and repairs. Visual inspections and manual fixes were often chores to those who had to do them. Unforeseen repairs would lead to downtimes, costing the business a great deal of money. However, with the implementation of the LAN-based smart monitoring sensors and adjustments in re-tooling, staff are quickly alerted to small problems before they become big ones and lead to costly downtime.

New Perspective On Using Digital Technology

With the Enable-IT Ethernet Extension equipment, the company was given some insight on how they can use digital technology to manage and profit from the foundry business. .

What Were The Solutions They Used?

820 LRA and PoE Kit – for non-powered remote controls – Ethernet Data and PoE Extender
860 LRE Kit – considered the world’s quickest Ethernet Extender – has 100Mbps FD Throughput

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