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By June 18, 2009News
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The Challenge Facing Oil Refineries…

Oil refineries are facing a challenge in the quality of crude oil that refiners need to process. In fact, the oil they need to refine has become extremely sour (has more sulfur in it) and heavier. This type of crude is much harder to process, leading to heavy products that require more processing.

With tighter product specifications, refiners have one of two choices:

• Use a better quality of crude oil
• Invest in new units to better the product streams

These requirements have called for better visibility and manageability in production control. This has led to the expansion in several refineries, investing more in their physical infrastructures. It also means the replacement of the manual inspection or valve control method to ensure a more automated refining plant, which has led to the purchase and installation of Enable-IT’s Ethernet Extension equipment.

Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders now provides them with IP cameras, Smart LAN driven monitors and valve control mechanisms that protect category-rated wires in harsh, extreme environments.

Shell Oil Company and Chevron have used the Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders technology to enhance the labor shortage so there is better perceptibility and regulation over the refinery production operations. The extenders kits have been encased in NEMA/IP-rated enclosures for the main production control areas with category-rated wiring used to reach the LAN-based monitoring and control interfaces.

Before the installation of this equipment, it wasn’t possible to do this. This meant people would have to check every location out to manually work the valves and controls. With the equipment installed, it’s led to three important things:

• Keeping workers safe
• Increased monitoring for the live production line
• Increase operations to meet business demand minus a significant increase in company’s labor costs

What Are The Primary Benefits

• Significant decrease in workplace injuries and hazards
• Reduction in operation costs and helps with labor shortages
• Offers management analytics real-time measurement of product inventories
• Rise in profit margins via an efficient production control

Using Enable-IT Equipment Comes At The Right Time

Since there’s been an increase in demand for the oil market (supply and demand), the outdated method of manual inventory means it can’t keep up with the daily swings that come with the market.

However, using LAN-based digital control equipment means better handling of live production procedures – better monitoring and control to quickly meet the supply and demand swings of the market and delivering the right products. In the past, this production control level wasn’t available because manual operators had to be at all the controls, which increase the time for adjustments to be made and was a danger in the petroleum refinery environment.

With Ethernet Extenders from Enable-IT, it’s automated the industry so that workers’ safety is no longer an issue and LAN equipment can make adjustments without errors or being tired of the constant repetition. This has led to a significant increase in production and plant growth, meeting the output demands the market calls for.

Better Production, Better Profit Margins

Constant maintenance on equipment is necessary to ensure uptime of the production operations. Keep in mind there are literally thousands of parts moving in the foundry production, including heavy-duty mechanical equipment and cranes. These things need consistent monitoring and maintenance. In the past, these were performed by doing a visual inspection and re-tooling them manually.

Any downtime was a loss for the business.

Today, using new LAN-based smart monitoring sensors and automatic re-tooling adjustments can quickly alert personnel of possible problems and fix these problems before they become an expensive breakdown.

High-Performance Extended LAN Solution Adds Value

The Ethernet Extension equipment has allowed the business a new way to use digital technology to regulate, manage and profit from the oil business.

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