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One of the biggest technologies in the law enforcement industry is License Plate Recognition, often being compared with radio because of its positive and adverse impacts on patrolling efforts. However, in the past two years, an increase in in-vehicle secure PoE technology has led to thousands of Police License Plate Readers along with other worldwide communication devices.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police Mobile supports the PoE-based License Plate Recognition, tooting it as an extremely effective law enforcement tool. In fact, it’s been useful in fighting against violent crimes, auto theft, identify theft, drug trafficking, etc.

In-Vehicle PoE Powered License Plate Reader Technology

PoE IP-based license plate readers and related automatic recognition has helped and continues to help law enforcement in real-time. With Enable-IT’s solution, in-vehicle power ensures that the important systems stay up and running.

Police can keep roads safer with the side-mounted PoE IP License Plate Reader technology and PoE Ethernet In-Vehicle, which is mounted on the trunk. These are advanced cameras that can capture a license plate. You don’t have to see them for them to see you.

How Else Can These License Plate Readers Be Used

PoE Ethernet powered units can look for stolen vehicles and other property in an effort to recover them. They can carry out warrants, and apprehend unlicensed or restricted drivers. Officers are provided with information before they need to meet a driver.

Enable-IT 8805M powered LPR

Enable-IT 8805M powered LPR

Sobriety checkpoints can now scan vehicle license plates as drivers come upon the area, providing the officers with some additional alerts. Undercover vehicles using the LPR have been used by surveillance teams to find suspect vehicles to avoid risky chases, decrease population damage and avert death or injury that’s the result from an accident.

What Is The Advantage Of LPR Technology?

Improves Both Efficiency and Performance:

When it comes to the amount of plates an officer has to manually enter into their computer compared to the automated LPR technology, no doubt the LPR is much better. In fact, it can read close to 3,000 plates an hour, which boosts its productivity rate. Plus, information is only collected on vehicles that have a license plate that matches the information in the database.

This means people who abide by the law are not going to be affected at all. Information collected in the UK showed the ALPR only caused 56 percent of vehicles to be pulled over, with 54 percent of them ending in arrests. Of the people arrested, 55 percent had some type of criminal record. This means that the ALPR-enabled intercept teams have a 10 times higher arrest rate than the average .6. That’s because the system is able to scan more plates than any officer, which allows officers to do more stops and increase their visibility within their assigned communities. This will help boost public morale for the police.

What Is The Advantage Of The PoE IP LPR Camera?

Rise In Crime Detection

With the use of ALPR technology, more vehicles are being pulled over, which means officers are coming face-to-face with criminals and producing more arrests. According to UK information, the national deployment of 365 APLR teams would lead to 219,000 more arrests every year. In fact, officers said the ALPR has led to a 10 times increase in arrests than for people without the ALPR. Arrests from ALPR stops are generally for:

• Theft
• Burglary
• Vehicle crimes
• Robbery
• Drug offenses

A car thief won’t just steal a vehicle for fun; they often use it to commit a number of other crimes – robbery, breaking and entering, etc. With the ALPR technology, it can solve or prevent the array of crimes.

When an officer drives down their street, cameras will take pictures of every car that it passes and will automatically check them out for violations. If violations do occur, a pop-up will come across the screen. Each picture taken is then stored with a GPS location. The system will let investigators connect does for when crime does occur.

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