Deploying smart beacons and NFR payment systems for awesome customer experiences


2014 started a new year of smart network devices for retail – called beacons. Expect the coming years to challenge retailers with installing these network attached beacons to enhance the shopping experience of it’s customers and provide valuable data to be more competitive. Many existing clients have leveraged and deployed our solutions to gain a competitive edge or provide enhanced security for their operations.

Call our sales team in your appropriate country and we can share success stories and how large commercial department stores, Bars, restaurants, and merchandise facilities have overcome challenges with our solutions. Enable-IT also offers consultation so we can build custom tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Enable-IT Ethernet Extension technology used in Retail POS applications can deliver the following benefits:

► Enhance your customers retail experience.
► Leverage realtime data to be able to provide more value to your customers.
► Huge Cost saving over traditional copper and electrical outlet solutions.
► Installs in minutes – have your remote LAN up in minutes.

Retail / Point of Sale (POS) Customer Success Stories

Department Stores

Federated Group
Electronic Terminal Service

Bars / Restaurants

Digital Display & Communications, Inc.
Moon Lite Cafe
Chain Lumberjack’s Group


Cubic Transportation Subways
Elvis Presley Enterprises
Entech Systems PoS