Enable-IT Offers An Ethernet Extender With Extended Range & Encryption

World’s First & Only Gigabit Ethernet Extender With Secure Encryption

Enable-IT has again managed to thrust itself into the forefront of the industry, becoming the first company to offer a multi-port, secure encryption product – Enable-IT 860 PRO Gigabit Ethernet Extender. The extender will run over one-pair of wiring of no more than 6,000 feet. Just think! That equates to 1.13 miles.

The latest model is available with a limited lifetime warranty that goes beyond any other kind of warranty on the market including Enable-IT’s own four-year warranty.

It’s been based on Enable-IT’s proprietary design, with its widely renowned rugged styling. U.S.-manufacturer Enable-IT is a trusted brand for Ethernet Extender and PoE needs.

Its 860 PRO Gigabit Ethernet Extender will transfer up to 20 times further than the specs seen with the 802.3 for Ethernet LAN. It offers up to 1.13 miles of encrypted and secure LAN extension, using new or older wiring.

Without the dealings of unsecured wireless or high fiber costs, Enable-IT offers a trustworthy, Business Reliable, Secure Encrypted, Professional Grade Ethernet Extension kit. There’s no reason to jeopardize your company’s security with low-quality equipment that’s imported in. If your concern is the security of your company’s secrets and its network communications, then you need to invest in a product that has this same goal.

Enable-IT’s units come with secure encryption so the link between your digital information and the units are protected. You don’t have to worry with your information being spied on like you would from copycat, competitor equipment – many of which the U.S. has banned.

860 PRO Ethernet Extender Secure Encryption