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By May 6, 2010News
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The NYSE Euronext is the world’s busiest stock exchange, which means its distributed datacenter network latency is measured in nanoseconds, which is important for both local and global needs. The amount of network traffic and important data between the information centers was exploding. In fact, the network transactions were dealing with more than 30 percent of the globe’s cash equities in trading traffic from the stock floor.

Thus, getting quick access and data to the floor traders and to millions of electronic trading services needed to have some major forethought given to it.

It was necessary that the NYSE Euronext get a speed advantage over other data centers. Due to the complexity of the data center’s architecture, there was no way to scale it effectively. It didn’t have the openness that could quickly implement changes.

About eight years ago, NYSE Euronext re-designed the core architecture with the assistance of Jupiter Networks. It was successful and later implemented in Europe. It then realized that Jupiter could give the data center the speed and reliability it needed.

How Ethernet Extenders Played A Part

A primary and cost-effective way to get the benefits from this new architecture was to use the existing old and unused coax wiring that was linked to the trading floor and data centers. While it’s not a museum, it was still important to maintain the NYSE building and trading floor’s integrity while getting access to the higher speed.

The NYSE Euronext used the Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders to save them thousands of dollars without compromising the historic building and install fiber. Plus, the hidden costs of fixing fiber that can blow IT budgets away. It was a good idea to use the older coax and existing copper because the old wiring had more copper to it and did better was compared with the latest CAT rated wiring.

Plus, the PoE power can send data up to 3,500 feet away using the telephone or coax wiring. This is something fiber cannot do!

PoE Extenders Give Stock Exchange Trading Floor Booths An Upgrade

The NYSE Euronext stock exchange has looked to PoE extenders to see if it can put PoE VoIP telephones in locations and trading booths that had been beyond the Ethernet distance limits, saving them more money on the traditional LAN network PoE switches that required local power and management traffic for safety.

PoE Extenders can deliver the power and needed amount to remain on their LAN network without intruding on the important trading infrastructure.

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