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By October 6, 2009News
Enable-IT-post-office Surveillance System
USPS Implemented Real-Time Enable-IT Video Surveillance System

For more than four years, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has used an IPv6 capable video surveillance system for its 40,000 postal sites all around the country thanks to Enable-IT’s PoE Extenders. Many recognizable and reliable security integrators (Diebold and ADT) have used PoEx’s PoE Extenders to guarantee superior long-distance video surveillance.

Thanks to the practicality improvement using the easily extended PoE IP cameras, the USPS can now combine cheaper but amazing security surveillance coverage and network management capabilities, with its current network.

The USPS needs video surveillance in order to stop and investigate the security incidents that take place in and around its facilities. Thanks to the PoE IP-based cameras and systems, there are features that traditional closed circuit television systems do not have – ability to watch live feed from a remote location using an Internet connection.

With the PoE Extended IP-based cameras and systems, the agency could centralize its security and video surveillance operations. And, with a digital system, video footage could easily be stored and retrieved when needed during investigations.

Most people agree that government buildings need a security surveillance system, but question why a post office would need one. The reality is that a post office is no different than any other business – criminals will target it like they would any other government building. There’s also the case where the USPS needs to investigate internal theft and other incidents inside their building. With a video surveillance system, this decreases any possible problems.

The USPS Office of Inspector General and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is in charge of the installation and use of PoE Extenders. The OIG is a separate entity but works closely with the USPS and the Inspection Service. It is a department of the agency that must secure the country’s mail system and look into any incidents that involve it. This also includes the physical security of its buildings.

In order to address these concerns, the agency opted for Enable-IT’s PoE Extenders to boost its surveillance system coverage in and around each facility at an affordable rate.

5 Reasons Why Has The Post Office Started Using Extenders?

Inside The Buildings

A majority of post offices have had security cameras within their walls, which allows personnel to watch transactions, people who use the post office boxes and the lobby. These are cameras that people have come to recognize as security cameras. In a number of locations, the distance to install PoE IP-based cameras surpassed the distance limit of the Ethernet (328 feet). However, with PoE Extenders, the power and Ethernet data signal increased to 900 feet.

Outside The Building

A number of post offices have placed security cameras on the outside of the building to ensure the outside and main entrances and even the parking lot is covered. Many of them will swivel around to watch larger areas and can even get views of adjacent buildings and lots. Many of them needed weatherproof PoE Extenders solutions to ensure the best coverage and visibility.


The key purpose behind the installation of security cameras – in and around the post office is to deter criminals. If criminals know cameras are recording their actions, they may not to target it. Again, using IP cameras over the offered fiber solutions and supplementary power outlet locations means more IP cameras can be used and placed in visible locales.


The cameras are aimed at both postal employees and patrons. By using the security cameras on its employees, the USPS can keep an eye on them while handling money and packages. It helps to keep workers honest and accountable – to reduce the chances of unexplained losses. IP Cameras can be placed in visible locations using PoE Extenders rather than fiber solutions which would require more power outlet locations..

24 Hours Surveillance

Since security cameras work all the time, it means the post office offers a 24-hour surveillance system and protection. If a crime occurs, the post office can learn who that person is by watching the video. By using the PoE extenders, every facility needed to find its backup power for their IP cameras compared to purchasing and preserving an array of UPS backup systems through every facility.

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