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By September 8, 2009News
Enable-IT-Utah-Transit-Authority Transportation
Transportation via Utah’s Transit System Benefits Greatly from Ethernet Extenders

The Utah Transit Authority was established in 1970, becoming a leader in multi-model transportation that is completely accessible – 30 commuter rail cars, 69 light rail vehicles and over 600 buses. The TRAX light rail system averages over 58,300 riders per day along the four-mile University Line and 15-mile Salt Lake City Line.

It’s the transportation system that enables people to get to and from places, and while it may seem inconsequential, it’s only rather complex. For instance, in Utah, winter temperatures will drop to below freezing in the mountains and, during the summer, will get really hot.

Traffic monitoring cameras are easily mounted several hundred feet from the traffic control system and the magnetic sensors inside the street, usually no existing power wiring except for the control system box.

What Are The Primary Benefits?

• It gives PoE power to street sensors, cameras and traffic light controllers
• Despite long distances, it offers PoE power to the old ticket machines
• Works in extreme temperatures
• Brings together traffic stops for no more than a mile apart

PoE Systems Can Power Remote Traffic Surveillance Cameras

Getting power to the various road devices can get costly. In the past, each device had to have its own cable, power adapter and electric connection. Since cable runs more than 2,000 feet, the cost could become astronomical.

The answer came in the form of PoE or Power over Ethernet technology, enabling both information and power to be sent over the Cat 5 cable that data uses. The problem is that PoE standard tends to be excessively short for a majority of the traffic-related needs.

The UTA had to run both Ethernet data and PoE power for long distances, and they did this with the help of the Ethernet Extender developed by Enable-IT. The UTA is able to do the following things with the help of Enable-IT’s devices:

• Power the older remote ticketing systems
• Power streets sensors every day on its bus and light rail transportation station congestion control networks to no more than 2,500 feet away
• Power current PoE camera types

Devices Can Work In Extreme Temperatures and Weather

Utah’s temperatures widely fluctuate, meaning the wiring of magnetic sensors, cameras and wires heat up and cool down all day long. This type of environment demands the toughest electronic parts to work properly. The UTA tested a number of parts and chose the 860 Ethernet Extenders from Enable-IT. Why? It can handle temperatures ranges from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using Existing Substructure With Technology

Traffic networks link on a city, county and state level, with some traffic stops being a tremendous distance from other traffic stops. Therefore, in order to use the existing traffic network, the stops had to be connected. Ethernet will run a mere 328 feet – connecting anything that’s more than one mile is an issue. On top of that traffic networks use regular phone wire instead of Cat 5 Ethernet cable.

The cost to replace the wires is enormous.

However, the Enable-IT 860 long distance Ethernet Extender proved itself able to power Ethernet for nearly 6,000 feet, using the existing telephone cable along with Cat 5 Ethernet cable. It was the solution the UTA was looking for with its existing infrastructure.

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