Waterproof Ethernet Extender

Ideal for rugged outdoor, submersible or extreme environmental conditions.
Give your Ethernet LAN or PoE Extension a boost with Gigabit Ethernet at Distance!

Your network data deserves better! – Secure it, Enable-IT

Waterproof Extender Solutions 1

What is a Waterproof Ethernet Extender?

IP68 NEMA 6P Waterproof up to 4,000ft / 1.2Km Ideal for rugged, outdoor or extreme conditions.

Waterproof Extender Solutions 2
2/4 Pair Wiring Gigabit Ethernet Extender Solutions Up To 6 Times Further Than IEEE 802.3 Specifications

4 Pair Wiring Gigabit Ethernet Extender & PoE Extender Solutions. Encrypted and Secure Communications up to 2,000ft / 609m. 100% True Gigabit Ethernet Extension Bundled in a 3 Port IP68 Rated Waterproof, Outdoor Solution

Dual Port IP68 Rated Waterproof Ethernet Extender Solution That Drives 260Mbps Ethernet Data up to 4,100ft / 1,250m Using Existing 2 or 4 Pair Wiring. No Local Power Needed on the Remote End as the CPE is PoE Powered From Your Originating Ethernet LAN Source

Long-Range Ethernet Extender & PoE Extender Secured in an IP68 Rated Waterproof Enclosure Perfect for Outdoor IP Camera Installations. Drive Your IP Camera Data to Extreme Distances with Remote PoE Power up to 2,500ft / 762m Over Existing 2 or 4 Pair Wiring

IP68 NEMA 6P Waterproof Solution up to 2,000ft / 609m
Ideal for Rugged, Outdoor or Extreme Conditions True Gigabit Ethernet Throughput and Power over Ethernet for Remotely Powered Devices

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