Rock Solid Lifeline Communications and Safety

Mining operations is a rugged and challenging environment to operate and deploy electronics into.

Enable-IT has specialized in supporting quarry operation needs and deployed more Ethernet Extension technology into this industry than anyone. Enable-IT has as been successfully used in a few different excavation operations disaster events where our equipment has been able to provide survivors and rescuers vital communication lifelines.

Mining Customer Success Stories
Operate Safety Monitoring Devices To New Depths

Enable-IT Ethernet Extension technology used in Drilling Operations can deliver the following benefits:

►   Long range deployment of Safety monitoring devices.
►   Leverage existing wiring or cabling to save costs.
►   Armored Fiber solutions cant deliver power and are too costly.
►   Installs in minutes – have your remote LAN up in minutes.

Excavating Operations

Shoregold Mining
Helca Mining
Newmont Mine


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