Enhancing Infrastructure with Cost Effective last mile solutions


The global demand for connectivity has put enormous pressure on carrier and telecommunications providers to deploy services further and keep up with increasing bandwidth demand. Being able to move quickly and roll-out cost effective solutions that fit and enhance the existing infrastructure without burdensome costs in management or overpriced technology is key to the profitability and success of any company offering services. Enable-IT technology has been a strategic component to many telecommunications companies in implementing last mile solutions especially in more remote or rural locations.

Reach further, Faster and More Cost Effectively!

Enable-IT Ethernet Extension technology used in Telecommunication Solutions can deliver the following benefits:

► Lower cost and more rapid deployment to your infrastructure expansion.
► Creative custom solutions to meet extreme challenges.
► Huge Cost saving over traditional copper and Fiber solutions.
► Installs in minutes – have your remote LAN up in minutes.

Enable-IT integrated solutions meet Telecommunications last mile challenges by extending your existing end-to-end, connected, and secure network infrastructure.

Telecommunications Customer Success Stories


Time Warner
Cox Communications
Fiber Tel
Moore & Liberty Telephone Co
Level3 Communications


Coast Mountain Wireless
Level3 Communications
Great American Networks
Hughes Network System
TELUS Communications