Enabling WiFi Deployment


Call our sales team in your appropriate country and we can share success stories and how ISP’s, Hotels, HotSpot providers and those looking to deploy Wi-Fi services have overcome challenges with our solutions. Enable-IT also offers consultation so we can build custom tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Enable-IT has over 26 years of experience worldwide in deployment solutions

Enable-IT Ethernet Extension technology used in support of WiFi Deployment Solution can deliver the following benefits:

► Better operational visibility of your infrastructure.
► Creative custom solutions to meet extreme challenges.
► Huge Cost saving over traditional copper and Fiber solutions.
► Installs in minutes – have your remote LAN up in minutes.

Enable-IT integrated solutions meet WiFi Deployment challenges by extending your existing end-to-end, connected, and secure network infrastructure.

WiFi Deployment Customer Success Stories


Groupe-Access Communications
Wisper Broadband
Salto Systems


International Contractors, Inc.

RV Parks

International RV park – FL
KOA Campgrounds