10 Reasons To Choose Enable-IT For Your Ethernet And PoE Extender Needs

Why You Should Choose Enable-IT Technology

Enable-IT has been in the process of expanding and dominating the Ethernet Extension industry. In 2000, the company announced the establishment of the Global Sales Distribution and Ethernet Extender design support. This support is leading to Sales Distribution Channels in many regions including:

• India
• Latin America
• Russia
• Saudi Arabia
• South America
• United Arab Emirates

Any new sales distribution interests can learn of the various synergistic opportunities coupled with Enable-IT’s Ethernet Extension and PoE products such as LAN based access controls, IP Cameras and Wireless Access points.

About Enable-IT, Inc.

Enable-IT Inc. are experts in Ethernet Extension, pioneering and dominating the industry since the mid to late 1990s (1997). The company was able to establish a global brand recognition for offering advanced residential, commercial and hospitality HSIA solutions through the Global Sales Distribution.

Enable-IT offers the simplest, most lucrative Ethernet Extension technology that will surpass all your expectations and ensure major value.

Ethernet Extension Experts

Ethernet DSLAM and World’s Most Popular Ethernet Extender are the only industry manufacturers that create and develop products in the U.S. While most competitors are focused on their bottom line and fail to deliver high-quality products… no matter what the cost for being Ethernet Extension Experts. Our primary goals include offering superior-quality products, custom OEM solutions and a U.S.-based expert technical support.

Have you ever had difficulty tracking down RMA support or talked to a tech that spoke and understood English? Enable-IT is one business that prides itself on being American, and hires people that understand and can speak English fluently. It’s the premier OEM manufacturer of Broadband Ethernet communication technologies and solutions for any business or residence.

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Enable-IT Customer Satisfaction

10 Reasons Why You Could Benefit From Our American-Made Products

U.S. Manufactured Products

Avoid any foreign companies that have offices in the nation, as they sell inexpensive and low-quality products and are made out of country. With Enable-IT, you get U.S. made products and support.

Dependable and Professional Grade Equipment

We’ve been in the business since 1997, offering the best quality Ethernet Extenders made in the nation. Our U.S. Factory Floor will send your product the same day with flat rate shipping.

Lifetime Product Warranty

Rest easy with your product, as it comes with a lifetime product warranty. Quit going with low-quality products to save money upfront. Don’t go with a company that doesn’t believe in its own products.

Warranty Information

All products come with a 45-day money back guarantee. If you want to use any of our PoE or Ethernet technology, we offer this 45-day trial period at the time of purchase of a kit.

Free Of Spyware

Many of our competitors, especially overseas, are loaded with spyware. And, because of that, the U.S. government has banned certain products that have been known to steal private and secure information. We have the most trusted products that are used in the most secure environment – U.S. Nuclear Weapons Systems, for instance. We even have U.S. Military and DoD contracts.

Plug and Play Setup

Every one of our products can easily be installed. All you need to do is connect them to your wiring and plug them into a power adapter. There’s no reason to mess with the configuration process. We offer power adapters based on your origin of country. We offer the best speeds of all Ethernet Extender manufacturers. There’s no compromise in the performance, and there’s no reason you should have to.

Same Day, Flat-Rate Shipping USA Factory Direct

The West Coast manufacturing facility will process all orders the same day so long as they’re placed by 3:30 PST. Orders will be expedited to ensure same-day shipping around the world. We offer flat-rate domestic U.S. shipping.

Next Business Day Replacement Service

There isn’t another manufacturer who offers the service next business day advanced replacement. We stand behind our services and products. We have a four-year guarantee on all our products.

U.S.-Based Customer Care and Technical Support Team

You don’t have to speak Spanish, Chinese or any other foreign language when you need answers to technical questions. We only have an in-house, in-country customer care and technical care support teams. We pride ourselves in understanding and listening to our customers’ needs and offering them support in a timely manner.

Develop Made In The U.S. OEM Solutions

If we don’t offer a product you need, Enable-IT’s OEM Design engineers and manufacturing operations are all developed in the U.S. We can come up with any OEM solutions and have it ready within days, but there’s a 10-unit quantity order. Enable-IT offers a strategic advantage for your company in the industry.