How The VIAAS Cameras Changed Traditional Video Security Systems

How VIAAS Cameras Changed the Game for Traditional Video Security Systems

With the VIAAS Cloud-Based video surveillance, you don’t need to purchase a standalone DVR/NVR system for every one of your sites you want to keep an eye on. Plus, there are no problems with Video Storage and Expansion or safety and encryption.

The VIAAS camera offers an array of worthwhile features that makes it the easy-to-use and powerful PoE Video Security infrastructure with no prior IT experience needed.

The Problem With Traditional IP Video Security Systems
Traditional IP video security systems must be installed on-site with a local DVR/NVR and be setup. There are a number of Internet options that allow users to remotely access controls and check video streams unprotected. On top of that, these systems often need extra LAN cabling, battery backup, setup, storage options and Internet access for every site. There’s a risk for system loss because of natural disasters – earthquake, flood and fire.

The Answer…
With the VIAAS Integrated Cloud Solution, the video surveillance service is sent over the Internet to power all the VIAAS cameras, no matter the kind or number of sites that must be monitored. With it, the costs related to individual site DVR/NVRs is dramatically decreased, is much more secure with the encrypted video streams from the cameras to cloud storage and from the cloud storage to the web-based viewer you are using.

VIAAS IP Cameras are have an extremely easy installation process, that offers the power of professional monitoring systems that ensure world-class reliability without any complex natures usually seen with video monitoring systems.

Now, the cost to get started is a bit less with what you’d see with premise-based systems but it’s far much easier to set up and the DVR works like a service. There is a real benefit to the lower initial cost and continual cost to use.

Some of the distinctive features offered with this kind of system include:

• IntelEvents, a video footage search engine, that gives users the ability to quickly find a video (time and date of capture) – no need to sift through hours of video.
• VIAAS PoE IP camera can connect through your Internet connection, without making any changes to the network configuration.
• Authorized users can log into the VIAAS web interface to look through the archives or watch live streaming from any camera on their site.
• Patented Bandwidth Shaping method doesn’t need or use one-tenth of the traditional bandwidth seen with other IP cameras.
• Video stream is encrypted for both security and data authenticity when it goes to the cloud from the IP cameras, and from the cloud to your viewer.

The VIAAS cameras have 1080p, capabilities and, based on the service level works at either 720P or 1080P levels. Fixed IP cameras work well in situations where there is low light. It’s got a snap-on IR illuminator, and it allows people to see the in dark with the external IR illuminator.

What Are The Benefits Seen With The VIAAS Camera

• There’s no technical support needed; it’s plug-and-play
• Every bit of video is 256-bit encrypted from the IP camera to storage and storage to viewer
• It cost less than traditional IP Cameras/DVR
• Professional and simple state-of-the-art VMS functionality
• Amazing quality day or night; includes a total dark with IR illuminator
• Comes with a patented bandwidth shaping to decrease Internet bandwidth compared to traditional video streaming

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