Access 24 Storage Company Uses Enable-IT Products To Improve Customer Safety And Security

How Enable-IT Products Improved Customer Safety & Security at Access 24 Storage

Access 24 Storage, based in Grand Rapids, MI., works to provide its members safe, secure storage. Due to their ability to provide innovative technology and amazing customer service, they have been able to build up a loyal clientele base for each of their four convenient locations.

Technology they’ve been able to offer include: Climate Controlled units and Kiosks.

For the owner, John, security was a key thing. And, he installed a high-tech digital surveillance system that would record video streams from the array of cameras on the property. For this to happen though, he had to network two buildings that were 1,000 feet apart. Ethernet only reaches 328 feet, and wireless is a security risk and may not work during the Michigan winter months.

And, the only other thought was that fiber was not cost-efficient.

What did John Decide To Do?

John did a little research, and opted to work with Enable-IT after a review and seeing its offering of a four-year warranty and commercial grade product. He spoke with the Customer Care Team at length about his needs. The team looked over his network equipment, uptime, bandwidth, distances and budget. In order to connect the two buildings, he needed the Cat. 6 Ethernet cable along with the 860 PRO Ethernet Extenders.

The Enable-IT system was installed and running in mere hours.

Thanks to Enable-IT’s high-speed network in its place, Access 24 Storage has been able to control and keep an eye on their security system at the facility and through their smartphone. It really gives the name 24 Access.

What Are The Main Benefits

• Better Security For Customers – Digital coverage provides another layer to established physical security.
• Bettering Monitoring Capabilities – Camera video is available whenever and wherever it needs to go.
• Boost In Efficiency – Immediate access will save trips and time.

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