Mission Critical Ethernet LAN Extender


Enable-IT has created an Instant On single port Ethernet Extender kit (released June 2016).

This new breed of Ethernet LAN Extender leverages mission critical reliability and performance. As soon as you power on the units with the 1-pair of Interlink wiring, the Ethernet Extension is instantly on and running – no visible sync waiting. No other Ethernet LAN Extender on the PLANET is capable of this feat.

If your network performance cannot wait for any traditional Ethernet Extender to establish a sync with a partner unit, this kit is exactly what your looking for to deliver Mission Critical power cycle reboot availability. The newly designed model also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Built on our proprietary design and globally recognized ruggedized styling. The PLANET’s most trusted and deployed brand, Enable-IT™, designs and manufactures the 821 Ethernet LAN Extender in the USA.

This kit is available in a slick professional grade IP68 Waterproof enclosure for those seeking outdoor installations in extreme environments.

American-made quality craftsmanship and reliability is what Enable-IT is known for. The 821 kit can extend Ethernet LAN up to 2,500 ft (762 m) away over a single pair of copper wiring (e.g. telco). Additionally, a single CO can support up to 9 CPE units on the same pair of wiring, and an integrator’s entire Ethernet extender implementation would remain fully transparent to the protocols, applications, and MAC addresses on the host network.

These units have built in encryption to protect the link between the units and most importantly your digital contents from foreign competitive interests that have shown up in our copycat clone competitors equipment – some of which have been banned in the USA.

Designed & Made in the USA with quality and pride. These American-made ENABLE-IT™ 821 ETHERNET LAN EXTENDER use industry LAN standard RJ-45 (8-pin) connectors to make installing in most any environment very easy.
We have engineered most of the technical complexity into automatic line adjustments so the plug and go simplicity on your existing or new wiring is a snap.

Ethernet Extension Experts design and manufacture the 821 ETHERNET LAN EXTENDER kit, along with its entire product line, in the USA which makes us more responsive to customer needs. We take great pride in using the highest quality materials and actual craftsmanship when building our products. We can even customize these at time of order to fit your specific needs as we manufacture in our very own US West coast facilities.