LED Lighting Gets Turned On With PoE Extenders

Extend LED Lighting – Enable-IT PoE Extenders will help keep the LED Industry vibrant and running strong for decades to come.

It’s believed that the demand for LED light bulbs will see a significant decrease for the future. This is due in part to the fact that LED bulbs can last an average 20 years, which means LED light manufacturers have inadvertently put themselves in a corner. In order to boost demand, the industry needs to modernize LED light controls and functionality, reduce the lifespan of the bulbs and decrease the cost.

This is where Enable-IT comes in. Enable-IT’s extenders and other technological products make it easy for smarter LED control devices to be used in industries where conventional distance barriers are overly expensive to address.

Why Should You Consider Our PoE Extenders?

We offer you methods to use your LED lighting in a more cost-effective way, reduce the cost for cable installers and decrease the costs that comes with deployment.

Enable-IT to the rescue. Our PoE Extenders and PoE technology will allow for more intelligent LED lighting control devices to be deployed in industries where the traditional PoE distance barrier is too costly to overcome. PoE Extenders will drive Ethernet data and PoE Power up to 6,000ft away from the LAN and power sources. Thus, increasing LED lighting distances and more efficient deployment of PoE powered LED light solutions.

Extend LED Lighting with Enable-IT PoE Extenders
Extend LED Lighting with Enable-IT PoE Extenders
LED Lighting Gets Turned On With PoE Extenders 1
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