Enable-IT Technology Protects Your Ethernet Extender From Power Surges And Spikes

Protecting Your Ethernet Extenders From Power Surges

Any LAN or networking device that uses exposed outside wiring will experience a high-voltage power surge or spike, usually the result of a lightning strike.

Of course, there are instances when a power surge and spike occurs for other reasons than lightning. For instance, they may have come into contact with static build-up on parts and cables, direct content with lightning/power circuits, high-energy transients tied to equipment from cables nearby, etc.

People themselves can cause spikes or a power surge from the large amount of static electricity built up on their clothing.

This is why Enable-IT recommends people use the 265LP product for protection against any high-voltage surges and spikes such as lightning.

Why The 265LP?

According to Enable-IT, the 265LP is the ultimate LAN Lightning Protection, with the kit offering a set of weather resistant units that offer protection for the PoE or Ethernet data applications. In order to protect your outdoor equipment, you need one unit on both ends adjacent to the LAN gear. The units are completely compatible with industry-standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices and 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet networks, ensuring protection for devices with PoE DC power feed or Ethernet information pairs.

There is one port access with the compact weather-resistant housing, and comes with a hinged cover that doesn’t close while wires are completed. On the backside are mounting holes. A terminal and ground lug is given with the lightning protector housing, which provides the best possible grounding for your equipment.

Visit our Knowledgebase FAQ webpage for further information on the protection that you need from lightning damage and electrical spikes coming in and blowing out your vital LAN devices or equipment. Have a peace of mind knowing you can secure your equipment with Enable-IT’s High-Quality, Professional Grade, Made in the USA Products.

ENABLE-IT 265LP Lightning Protection Kit